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dry pastures ♦ the metaphor

May 25, 2011

Dry Pastures— yes, it is a metaphor. 
Dry pastures have their own ecosystem created by low rainfall.  Grasses, low scrub, and an occasional lone tree fill a landscape where less hardy plants would struggle to survive, let alone thrive.  Spring rains may bring glorious, but short-lived wild flowers.  Evolutionists believe they have adapted.  Creationists believe it is part of a plan.

I named my blog Dry Pastures because other people and events beyond my control just suck so much of the sparkling water right out of life. “Misunderstood and derided as ‘scrub’ land of ‘underdeveloped’ runts, a dry pastoral land is often home to rare and remarkable flora and fauna.”1

I hope that is what this blog will become— a place to find some unusual and uncommon insights and encouragement for those of us who do not live in the Gardens of Eden.

Welcome to my Dry Pastures.

1.  Online Travel Guide for the British Virgin Islands. National Parks Trust.  ♦

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